This Weird-Looking Device Didn’t Just Get Rid of Stress – It Also Gave Me My Best Night of Sleep in 5 Years!

Tired of long nights staring at the bedroom ceiling, tossing and turning, then waking up with a painful neck that ruins the day ahead? So was I… until I found Neck Hammock.

Most mornings, I looked (and felt like!) one of the zombie extras on The Walking Dead.

Shuffling, bleary-eyed, hungry for coffee, and with a searing pain in my neck. I’d be lucky to catch just a couple of hours of sleep most nights, and it was taking its toll on my body and my mind.

But most of all, it was the gnawing pain in my neck.

Like everyone else who has ever had a bad night of sleep, I was cranky and irritable, liable to snap at anyone who dared to say, “good morning!” to me.

Eager to point fingers at what was making my life so hellish, I went through dozens of expensive pillows.

I went through mattresses faster than a 5-star hotel and my husband had to endure so much more than just a bad case of bed hair…

…After all, we slept in the same bed! To my mind, then, that meant he was doing something that meant I couldn’t sleep.

I was angry and desperate.

But most of all, I was very, very, very tired.

Talking to friends about this, I realized that I wasn’t alone in my sleeping issues – we all have them – but that I was probably one of the worse cases out there due to my high levels of anxiety and stress

(Which I might add, were caused by my lack of sleep – talk about a Catch 22!)

While drinking coffee helped me to function through the day, it didn’t help me sleep – and above all, my neck pain continued to throb angrily. Some days it was a low-level pain, a reminder of my insomnia. Other days, it was like repeatedly being hit with an ax in the neck.

I just couldn’t understand it. Why me? If humanity can build spaceships and land on the moon, why haven’t we developed something that helps people to get a good night’s sleep and wake up refreshed?

I couldn’t believe that nobody had, so I started to research.

As it turns out, that was the start of a journey that would finally get me the holy grail of sleep that I was searching for – and finally make my neck a pain-free zone once again!

Here’s What I Found Out – And What You NEED to Know

One of the first things I learned was that stress – or even anxiety – can lead to physical stress.

Doctors this psychosomatic illness . Basically, when someone is overloaded by emotional stress, that stress translates into physical pain. The reason is startlingly simple: stress weakens the immune system!

For me, that meant pain in my shoulders, upper back, and, most specifically, my neck. If you’ve ever had neck pain, then you know that each move you make becomes a painful choice…

…And I shouldn’t need to tell you that this makes sleeping even harder – and so the dreadful cycle continues.

I also discovered that our modern sedentary lifestyle (we all sit down too much, staring at screens) stresses our backs and necks, creating physical stress that rears its head in later life.

At this point in my research, I was buying rollers, massagers, and rubbers, hoping that soothing the muscles would alleviate my pain and help me to put a stop to it.

I won’t lie – these did bring me temporary relief. As I used them and immediately after, I would feel better. But then the pain would creep back in, leaving me back at square one.

Searching for something that could give me longer-lasting results that could actually get me out of the catch-22 I was in, I came across Dr. Steve Sudell.

Dr. Sudell is a physical therapist. A former high school footballer, he has long suffered from an old, nagging injury that just loves to flare up.

At first, I felt sad. If a trained physical therapist can’t get his neck pain fixed, then what hope is there for anybody?

Like me, Dr. Sudell wasn’t prepared to accept this condition for life and started searching for solutions. I realized we were on the same path – the pillows, the mattresses, the endless clunky gadgets that did little…

…Well, Dr. Sudell was not impressed.

Unable to find anything on the marketplace that was affordable, effective, portable, and attractive (some of these things really do look like torture devices!), he realized that that was it.

My heart sunk. Surely, he had found something?

If a PT can’t do it, then there’s no hope for us mere mortals, after all!

That’s when Dr. Sudell became my hero.

He didn’t just accept defeat and a lifetime of poor sleep and endless pain. He wasn’t going to endure endless shaking from massage chairs that feel more like a cheap theme park ride or buy overpriced ‘squishy balls’ that offered no value beyond therapeutic squeezing.

He wanted something that worked. He wanted something that would fix the neck pain for good – and make getting a good night’s sleep the norm, not a rare event.

So, he put his professional expertise to good work and developed it – and what he created might look weird, but my God, it works!

I should know because I got it as soon as I heard about it!

Introducing the Neck Hammock; Or, Your New Best Friend!

Yes, it’s a little hammock… for your neck! So simple that it’s actually genius. If you’ve ever used a regular hammock for R&R, then you already know how insanely comfortable these are.

The Neck Hammock is no different – on top of that comfort, it offers fabulous support to both your head and neck, allowing those tense, painful muscles to finally relax and let go.

Even better, because it’s so small, it’s highly discreet and portable. Just like a regular hammock, you can use it just about anywhere.

But most of all, I love Neck Hammock because it supports your neck, stopping neck pain dead in its track.

By relieving the throbbing tension pains in my upper body and neck, my body was able to start focusing on mending the stress that had caused these pains in the first place.

For those of you who are half-mad from a lack of a good night’s sleep as a result of neck pain, let me tell you… shortly after I started using this, I enjoyed the best sleep of my life.

Better yet, that wasn’t some weird one-off sleep. I’ve been sleeping like a baby since.

You might think that you need to use the Neck Hammock for days, even weeks to start seeing results – but that’s not the case at all.

All you need is to take 15 minutes out of your day to relax with the Neck Hammock.

If you can spare 15 minutes a day, then your neck woes and sleepless nights are over.

Using the Neck Hammock in Three Simple Steps and 15 Minutes

Life’s complicated enough as it is, especially when your body is behaving like a toddler on the rampage! One of my favorite things about the Neck Hammock (after ridding me of neck pain and giving me blissful sleep!) is how easy it is to use.

Seriously, it’s just three simple steps – and you’re not really doing anything in them!

  1. Wrap the elastic bands around a door handle
  2. Close the door securely behind you
  3. Lie down and place your head in the Neck Hammock

How Does Neck Hammock Work?

One of my biggest questions, when I started using Neck Hammock, was how it actually worked.

As you might expect, Dr. Sudell developed his Neck Hammock using his experience as a physical therapist, and a little bit of engineering know-how.

Neck pain doesn’t just show up out of the blue: typically, it arises as a result of tensions and stress. For most of us, the first sign is a dull ache caused by that tension. That ache is a result of tension in the muscles, clenching on your vertebrae.

The Neck Hammock was developed to combat this by leveraging gravity. It uses your own body weight against the pull of the resistance bands used to attach the Neck Hammock to the door handle. This creates what medical professionals call “cervical traction” – or what you and I would call ‘stretching our neck.’

The result is relaxed neck muscles. Better yet, due to the engineering of Neck Hammock, you simply can’t overstretch and strain your neck muscles. Everything is supported in just the right way through the tension of the resistance bands and your own body weight.

Now, that’s just a basic explanation – the research on this is vast and packed with jargon. Still, the common consensus among the medical community is that cervical traction gives proven relief for all kinds of conditions, including:

  • Neck pain
  • Shoulder tension
  • Pinched nerves
  • Tension headaches
  • Herniated disks

Neck Hammock Is the Real Deal – Beware Cheap Imitations!

A WORD OF WARNING: Neck Hammock has quite a few knock-off competitors out there – and while the product might look the same, they are mass-produced in overseas factories with no quality control. I’ve heard of people using a rip-off “Neck Hammock” that broke in use, giving them concussion! Please, please do double-check before buying to ensure that you’re getting the real deal branded version! This is a big problem: Dr. Sudell has even mentioned how his company sometimes gets counterfeit returns because customers didn’t even realize they got the cheap, off-brand knock-off!

So many other products need you to do something… and all too often, if you don’t get results, their manufacturers will tell you that you are doing it wrong.

(So much for customer service!)

Sometimes, the products just aren’t any good. With cheap materials and poor workmanship that signal fly-by-night mass production, so many of these companies are preying on customers.

You buy something that you hope will fix your issue, but what you get is a defective gadget that doesn’t work and ends up in the trash. In the worst case, they can break while you use them, harming you.

I have tried some of these knock-offs myself – after all, if you can get something of the same quality a little bit cheaper in these tough times, then people need to know.

However, the quality was just not there.

Frayed stitching, scratchy materials, flimsy support… in one terrifying case, the bands used to support the head from the door handle simply snapped back toward my face!

If you’ve ever snapped a rubber band, then you know how much it can hurt – but in this case, had my head been just a little more to the left, I would have lost an eye.

Please, please take it from me – this is a case of you get what you pay for. Neck Hammock is an effective at-home treatment developed by a trained physical therapist to the high standard of quality American consumers demand that will alleviate your neck pain.

There’s simply no other product on the marketplace that compares to it!

By now, you’re probably wondering…

How Much Does Neck Hammock Cost?

The Neck Hammock’s retail price is fair – especially considering how much professional treatment can cost these days!

Typically, the pricing of Neck Hammock is just $79.99, but I have noticed you can get details from time to time.

I check the price frequently for changes and will keep you updated with the latest below:

PRICING UPDATEFrom the date this article was published, Neck Hammock is available at with a special discount – get Neck Hammock today, and you’ll get $30 OFF the usual retail price. The new sale price is just $49.99! This is exceptional value, and I strongly recommend you take advantage!

That’s the best price you can get Neck Hammock for today!

Now, I shouldn’t need to tell you how debilitating neck pain is – especially if it comes with the double pain of long and sleepless nights, too.

I easily spent thousands of dollars on solutions that just didn’t work before I found Neck Hammock. Pills, pillows, mattresses, massages, chiropractors, squeeze balls…

…Not to mention those $100+ massage sessions!

…And yet more money on Neck Hammock alternatives that just didn’t deliver on their promise due to their cheap, poorly made construction.

If I’d found Neck Hammock earlier, I would have saved thousands of dollars and, more importantly, solved my neck pain and sleep issues years ago.

For me, $49.99 is a bargain. After all, your health is the most important thing to you. Once it’s gone, it’s not often that you can get it back…

…And especially not for such a meager sum of money!

What’s more, Dr. Sudell isn’t greedy. He genuinely wants to help people. If the Neck Hammock just doesn’t work for you, then you can send it back and get your money back.

This is a fantastic price, and thanks to this 100% money-back guarantee, a risk-free purchasing decision.

If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. No harm done, and you now know.

But if it does work… your life will be transformed!

When you order, you won’t just get a Neck Hammock. You also get a:

  • Travel bag
  • Eye mask
  • Do Not Disturb door hanger

Dr. Sudell thought of everything! Neck Hammock is excellent for use at home. With these free accessories, you can also relax and work those pains anywhere you go – without having to worry about being disturbed.

DEAL ALERT: Get Neck Hammock in a 2-for-1 deal for a limited time only


There’s simply no better time to purchase Neck Hammock than right now – I have never seen it at such a reasonable price, and I know that these are going to be snapped up fast.

I am thankful that I found Neck Hammock; it completely transformed my life. I’ve eliminated my neck pain, and I have finally found the sweet slumber that I thought I would never enjoy again.

Whoever said money can’t by happiness was wrong in this case! I’m not the only one – check out these genuine reviews from verified Amazon shoppers. These are people like me who have had brilliant results with their own neck pain and sleeping issues:

Over 300,000 people use Neck Hammock today for neck pain relief and to relieve their stress and anxiety issues.

You can join them today – and take advantage of a crazy deal that I’ve NEVER seen before! – to resolve your own issues.

Remember, with a 100% money-back guarantee, there’s no way you can lose!

If you’re ready to fight back against neck pain and reclaim a good night of sleep, then order your Neck Hammock today.

You’ll be glad you did!

WARNING: At the time this article was written, current stock on Neck Hammock is LOW