Revolutionize Your Home With These 5 Smart Gadgets For Your Smart Home!

Are you in search of the perfect solutions to efficiently manage your home? Is there someone you know who could greatly benefit by using the ‘smart-tech’ approach to better handle their house chores? Well, I have granted all your wishes! Here is a shortlist of some of the most quintessential products available in the market right now to help you innovate your house-management skills.

1. Tile:

Are you tired of forgetting where you left your car keys? Have you lost count of the many wireless headsets you have misplaced within the vicinity of your neighborhood? Well, not anymore! Introduce Tile to your life and you’ll never have to waste time searching for your valuables before you head out the door. With a Bluetooth tracker and an intuitive phone app, you can link Tile with any of your Bluetooth devices and keep yourself informed about the whereabouts of your belongings. As if that wasn’t enough, Tile comes in custom designs and sizes depending on how big or small you prefer its operational radius to be.

2. Paragon’s Induction Cooktop:

Control your stovetop from the comfort of your bedroom! Cooking has never been easier with the Paragon Induction cooktop that allows you to control its temperature remotely with a specially designed mobile app. The device includes an induction cooktop, a touch display, and a built-in Bluetooth module with maximum heat reaching 260 degrees Celsius.  It also includes a thermometer clamp with magnetic fasteners to monitor and automatically adjust the temperature inside the pan. As for the frying pan and other utensils, this function is performed by the silicon mats placed on the surface of the cooktop, under the dishes.

3. Satechi’s Wireless Trio-Charger:

Apple might have disappointed its fans by not delivering on their promise of its Airpower, but Satechi’s wireless charger-pad is no less! Charge your smartwatch and up to two other mobile phone devices by laying them on this little station without the mess of any cable wires. This device is compatible with both, apple and Android devices so get your hands on it and rid yourself of the messy bundles of wires lying around in every corner of your house.

4. Smart Bathroom Cleaner:

Gone are the days when you had to personally flush and then scrub your toilets to clean them. Just bring Shine’s Bathroom Assistant home and revolutionize the process of cleaning your toilets. This small filtration system will sit on top of your toilet tank and generate electrolyzed water with a saline solution that swirls in your toilet seat to clean every nook and cranny for a fresh-looking seat. And what’s more, is that using the Bathroom Assistant’s accompanying app will not only automatically clean the toilet for you without you having to manually flush it, but also monitor water usage and detect any leaks!

5. The Perfect Mug:

If there is one thing that a homeowner cannot compromise on (or anybody, for that matter), it’s their quintessential daily cup of tea or coffee! Don’t you just hate it when your favorite drink of the day is too hot to drink one minute and the next, it’s just unacceptably cold? Well, Ember has just the solution for this problem! Get your hands off the very-elegant, Ember Mug, and enjoy your cup of cappuccino or peppermint tea at just the temperature that you like. Get the status of your mug’s temperature on Ember’s mobile phone app that links the heating mug-holder with your phone and keeps your drink at the optimal temperature until you’re done with it.