How I Inflated My Car Tire, Bike Tires, and a Basketball While Camping with a Portable Device

Plus: How This Device Inflates Nearly Anything with a Single Click

UPDATE: After being out of stock for a few weeks after Christmas, Inflater is now back in stock. Please check below for updated availability and reserve your Inflater today.

Do you ever find it frustrating to pump up your car tires at the gas station, to deal with underinflated soccer balls, basketballs, and footballs? What about underinflated bike tires? Or simple finding the appropriate pump and adaptor to fit all of this myriad of inflatables?

My garage is full of different items that need to be inflated, it’s frustrating having to take out the bike pump and struggle to get my tires up to the precise suggested PSI. My car tires are either underinflated or overinflated… and waiting at the gas station is such a pain.

If you’re like me, you’ve been driving a car ever since you were an adult. Yet checking and inflating my own car tires is something I’ve never felt completely comfortable with. I always feel like I’m doing it wrong.

According to recent research most people drive with under or over inflated tires. Underinflated tires increase wear and tear on the tires – meaning you have to change them more often as the tread wears down. It also means more contact and friction with the road increasing gas use. You get less miles per gallon with underinflated tires. Unfortunately, overinflated tires isn’t any better – it’s worse… you get less contact with the road when a tire is overinflated making it more dangerous to get around corners and it’s harder to stop quickly in an emergency.

A car tire has a suggested PSI. When you drive with tires that are inflated properly, you decrease wear and tear, increase miles per gallon, and are able to stop quicker and get traction in wet weather.

Pumping up tires should be something we do routinely, not every day – but just when it needs to be done.

I know firsthand how it feels to have an issue with my car tires.

My husband and I were just heading out on a long weekend trip with the kids. After coordinating the kids and packing everything, we just wanted to hit the road – not do a car inspection.

The trip was going as usual, my husband driving, kids with their heads buried in their games. The weather was looking great – super hot on the road, but I couldn’t wait to be sitting by the lake.

A few hours on the road and we’d driven by plenty of these signs. You know the ones, they warn you how far away the next gas station is. But we had plenty of gas, so no one was concerned.

About half an hour after seeing the sign, it started… You can always tell when a flat-tire hits you. The car jerks and a loud noise starts up. It takes a second to realize… then my husband said it – “We have a flat tire!”.

My heart stopped, I knew this was going to ruin the entire trip. The kids were already impatient from the drive. I was feeling hot, and I didn’t want my husband to get frustrated with car stuff.

We pulled over to the side of the road without a hope and zero plans.

We were too far away from the nearest station to walk, and we’d canceled our AAA years ago since we never used it. So we bite the bullet and called a tow-truck. It felt like our only option although the bill was going to be over $250 and the earliest they’d arrive was in 3 hours. 3 hours of 2 kids, a dessert highway and near 90 degree weather.

That’s when a miracle happened. A passerby stopped to check in on us… we were in the middle of no-where so it probably seemed like a weird spot to be parked on the side of the road.

We explained to him that a tow company was about to come out for us. We had no spare tire, so we had no options.

He responded, “Well don’t you worry about that, give me a minute here and I’ll get this tire inflated for you!”

We didn’t know how he was going to do that, we knew he wasn’t going to just pull out a tire from the back of his truck and give it to us.

He reached into his glovebox and pulled out this small device. It was the Inflater. I’d never seen anything like it before. He said he’s just got it, but had used it to help out a bunch of people already.

He plugged it in and check the PSI, our tire had next to none. Without even needing to hoist the car up, he set the PSI to our recommended PSI of 35 and hit the power button. It instantly started filling the tire up. Luckily our tire didn’t have a big hole in it so it was able to get up to fully inflated.

I didn’t really think such a small device would have the power to pump up a car tire… especially one not even hoisted up off the ground. But it uses a new lithium ion battery, the same kind of battery that Tesla uses to power its cars. It’s super powerful!

In just a couple minutes the tire looked like new and we were on our way again. We stopped at the next service station to have the tire looked over.

Instead of wasting the whole day on the side of a scorching highway road, we were able to get to our destination and enjoy a whole afternoon by the lake. I also went on my phone and ordered a few units for myself.

With one charge I can do all of my tires. Plus, it’s perfect for bicycles, basketballs, and more. It has a huge battery in it which you can also use to charge your phone.

You can see the device in use below!

For anyone that didn’t watch the video, he had low pressure on one of his car tires. The PSI on his tire is supposed to be 32 PSI. So he set the PSI on the Inflater to 32, plugged it in and turned the device on. It took just a couple minutes and automatically stopped pumping as soon as the pressure reached 32.

Inflater uses a very powerful lithium-ion battery that when matched with its unique internal pump mechanism, can create an incredibly powerful air output that can get to pressures of over 120 psi.

What is the Inflater?

InflateR is a small, handheld lithium-ion powered pump that is changing the way people inflate tires and household items. Smaller than a water-bottle, it’s easy to carry around and store in a glove box.

Powerful enough to inflate a car tire and with enough pressure to inflate a tire up to 150psi.

How Does it Work?

It’s very simple…

It comes with a nozzle that plugs into the top of the device and into the tire. It also has a plethora of adaptors that you can use to plug it into anything from a basketball to a balloon.

The moment you plug it in, you’ll see the current pressure of the tire shown on the Inflater screen. Set the PSI you want by pushing + or – on the device. Once you’ve set your desired PSI, just click the power button.

As soon as the set PSI amount hits, the Inflater with automatically shut off. So you never under or over inflate your tires.

I’m usually terrible with tools, but all I needed to do was match the psi to what it said on the tire and push the power button. Inflater did everything else for me which was nice.

That’s not all either…

The Inflater lets you use its built-in lithium ion battery for other purposes too. The Inflater acts as a portable power bank – it has a usb input that you can use to power your cellphone, laptop, anything that uses a USB plug-in to charge.

It comes with a cigarette-lighter adaptor so you can charge it using the port in your car or a wall-outlet. I’ve used Inflater to pump up:

  • Mountain bikes for my kids
  • My husband’s road bicycle (It needs 130psi!)
  • Car tires
  • Inflatable tubes
  • Basketballs, footballs, soccer balls and other balls!
  • Inflatable air mattresses
  • I even used it to blow up a ton of balloons for my son’s birthday party.

How Much is It?

Inflater is made to fit any budget and starts at just $75 plus S+H.

None of us are looking to break the bank with a large industrial tire inflator that you find taking up space in mechanics shops. Just to get into that market you’ll be looking at prices well over $250.

When compared to the cost of a single tow-truck ride, the Inflater pays for itself with its first use.

WARNING: At the time this article was written, the InflateR is 10% off.
New Sale Pricing is just $67.

Struggling with under-inflated tires is extremely irritating and can be quite stressful. $67 is a small price to pay to eliminate all worries during a road trip, to always know your tires are perfect and ready to go.