Cleaning is The New Cool

As if hygiene wasn’t already a part of a healthy lifestyle, the COVID-19 pandemic crisis has made everyone obsessed with cleaning and recleaning and yet again cleaning. To shed the burden of mopping all your floors over and over again, I have jotted down some of the internet’s most favorite gadgets that will allow you to relax while your artificially intelligent friends complete your house chores.

1. iRobot’s favorite cleaner:

Now you won’t have to give up your virtual Zumba classes because of a messy floor. iRobot’s newest Roomba is here to do that job. It’s built-in navigation and propriety software help it to formulate a map for the room and from there on it can go about cleaning the whole room without you having to worry about it. It’s compact and round design allows it to slide under your couches and tables to properly sweep the floor. With a decent battery life of 2 hours, Roomba can be your new housekeeper with a one-time investment.

2. Ultraviolet light sanitizer:

Do you also find disinfectant wipes’ aisle cleared out in your nearest grocery stores? If yes, then this next device is the best solution for your hygiene protection when you leave the house. The ultimate ultraviolet light sanitizer! This small, rectangular device uses a flash and a light to eliminate bacteria and viruses. It can be used on any type of surface including wood, leather, and marble. The ultraviolet rays help constrain the growth of pathogens and should be your next best buy to keep your surroundings germ-free wherever you go.

3. Eco wax WINBOT:

If you are not the biggest fan of your high-ceiling windows just because they need an arm and leg to clean, then WINBOT takes care of that. Eco wax has come up with one of the most convenient window-cleaning devices ever. WINBOT only needs you to spray the window with your choice of a glass cleaner and place it onto the window surface, then let it do the rest. It’s strong suction and sensor technology helps it remain stuck with the window surface and then it moves around the window, cleaning its glass. Once it has cleaned that window, you can pull it off and place it on yet another one.

4. Dyson’s air purifier:

Air purifiers have been around for quite some time but since the spread of this killer COVID-19 pandemic, they have become a must-have in every household. Dyson’s pure cool link tower is not only an aesthetically-pleasing vision to look at, but also does its work marvelously. It has a record high tendency of removing 99.97% of pollutants and allergens from the air, ensuring that clean air is also circulated around you courtesy of its Air Multiplier Technology. A special mobile phone app for this device can also extend the air quality index’s information onto your mobile device keeping you updated with its filter status.

5. Kitchen Appliance Cleaning set:

If you are constantly using your blender, grinder, coffee maker, or pretty much any other kitchen appliance and find it a pain to do the cleaning afterward, then OXO has come up with the perfect kit of brushes that will do your dirty work in the kitchen. These brushes have micro-cleaning bristles to wipe off every nook and cranny of your appliance ever so gently, without causing it any unnecessary damage. Take my advice and buy yourself a set of these brushes because wrist pains due to cleaning are so 2010s!