A Great Home Gift Idea – Amazon Echo Show 8

Now much more than a speaker, Amazon Echo Show 8 is the smart display for your counter-top.

You see growing my Grandma was always there for me, she visited most weekends, every birthday, Christmas and every other holiday you can imagine. She was part of the foundation I was brought up on, and she always bought the best gifts without fail, nothing ever too fancy but always thoughtful. As time has gone on, the roles have reversed, she is older and less mobile, and therefore I do my best to help and to show her the same kindness and patience she extended to me for all those years.

Now, every year I try to give her a present that is just as thoughtful and practical as hers. So, I was searching around franticly on the web for the best gift for my Grandma and this is when I stumbled across the Amazon Echo Show 8. Despite what the name may suggest, this Amazons fourth smart display device. The 8 is actually for the 8″ display. Later this day I found myself out and about running some errands with the gift idea still fresh in mind I pulled into a local brick and mortar store to see it in person. The size just felt more natural than the 5 and 10″ screens, big enough to display everything clearly yet small enough to sit on your counter without cluttering it up.

The guy in the store was super helpful and was full of knowledge regarding the product and similar models on the market. Now I must admit, I am not the most tech-savvy person and some o the information went right over my head but he did his best to explain all in terms I would understand. Safe to say he spoke highly of the product when I explained it was a gift idea for my Granma strongly recommended it

Not sure if he was just doing his job or truly stood behind the product, I thanked him for his time and said I needed to think about it. I decided to do some more research and to sleep on. Which is exactly what I did. Today I want to share everything I learnt and explain it in real simple terms, in a way everyone can understand, even myself prior to this process.

This is rated the best mid-range smart display on the market right now and at a great price! Meaning the screen size sits nicely between the largest and smallest sizes and feels the most practical. The 8″ High Definition screen with the built-in stereo sound means you can manage your day, listen to music, follow a recipe or video chat with loved ones all with clear picture and sound.

With the microphone and display, you can control voice compatible devices, for example, adjust the temperature of your home, check your security system, turn off lights and much more. With Alexa built-in you can ask her to display your photos, the weather, check traffic and add items to your shopping list.

Built with your privacy in mind- With one press of a button easily disconnect the microphones and camera. Or the built-in shutter to cover the camera.